Dr Graham Chapman


Research Fellow & Head of Biomechanics Research Group

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Clinical Biomechanics and Physical Medicine
Leeds Institute of Rheumatic and Musculoskeletal Medicine
2nd Floor Chapel Allerton Hospital
Chapeltown Road


Graham completed his BSc (Hons) in Exercise with Sport and Coaching Sciences and Masters by Research in Motor Control at Manchester Metropolitan University. Following this, Graham completed his PhD at University of Birmingham investigating relationship between age-related changes to gaze behaviour and decline in stepping performance in older adults. Between 2007–2009 Graham worked as a post-doctoral research fellow in the Optometry Dept. at University of Bradford continuing to investigate the relationship between visual input and locomotion. In 2009, as a post-doctoral research fellow at University of Salford, Graham changed disciplines to clinical biomechanics, focussing on conservative treatments for medial knee osteoarthritis. Upon taking his current position in 2013 Graham’s main research interest focus on the effects of osteoarthritis of the lower limb joints on gait and how conservative treatments and/or surgical intervention help patients. Recently, Graham became Head of the Biomechanics Research Group within the Institute of Rheumatic and Musculoskeletal Medicine. Graham’s work falls within a number of the research groups across the LMBRU and University of Leeds including, Leeds ARUK Experimental Arthritis Centre, the biomechanics research group, FASTER and joint replacement technologies in which he oversees all biomechanical aspects of these research groups.

Research Interests

Clinical biomechanics, Hip, Knee, Foot and Ankle, Orthopaedics

Significant Publications