Ask the Researcher: Repair in the foot and ankle: Biology and engineering combined

Speakers: Dr Jen Edwards (University Academic Fellow in Musculoskeletal Medical Technologies) and Dr Claire Brockett (Associate Professor)

Date and Time: Tuesday 20th October 10:30am-12:00 noon

Platform: Zoom (details will be sent to those who register including instructions for how to use zoom)

About the session

There are many degenerative conditions which affect the foot and ankle, causing pain, reducing mobility and impacting on daily activities. Examples include chronic ankle instability, osteoarthritis and diabetic foot ulcers. Within the Institute of Medical and Biological Engineering at the University of Leeds, researchers are investigating new ways to treat these conditions. Their research combines biological and engineering expertise to understand how the natural ankle joint functions, whether current treatments can restore this normal function and look for novel ways to improve on the current approaches.

Dr Jen Edwards and Dr Claire Brockett will discuss some of their ongoing research in this area. Jen’s research focuses on biological materials for ligament and adipose repair, while Claire studies different Total Ankle Replacement devices. Together, they are investigating the biological and biomechanical behaviour of the natural ankle and the replacement materials, as well as understanding how both of these can fail. They will introduce some of the key questions of their research and demonstrate how multidisciplinary collaboration is key for advancing our understanding and improving treatment options for patients.

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