Dr Sinisa Savic


I joined the University of Leeds as Clinical Associate Professor in October 2016. Prior to this, I held a full-time NHS post as a Consultant Immunologist based at St James’s University Hospital. In addition to my academic role, I continue to lead the Department of Clinical Immunology and Allergy and provide care for patients with primary immunodeficiencies, systemic autoinflammatory disorders and allergies. 

I gained my PhD from the University of Leeds in 2011, after which I returned to full-time clinical training in immunology and completed this in 2011. I continued to develop my research interests throughout this period and in 2012 was awarded the position of Honorary Clinical Associate Professor with the University of Leeds. 


  • Group Leader-Clinical and Translational immunology
  • Lead Clinician for Clinical Immunology and Allergy (LTHT)

Research interests

I lead translational research programmes focused on the discovery of molecular mechanisms which underpin the pathogenesis of primary immunodeficiencies (PID) and systemic autoinflammatory disorders (SAID), both hereditary and acquired. This includes the application of modern genetic techniques such as whole genome sequencing to aid the discovery of novel genetic causes, and the use of functional assays to determine the relevance of novel genetic variants on immune system function. 

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