Matthew Marzetti

Clinical Scientist – Magnetic Resonance Imaging

I am an NHS clinical scientist that works with MRI scanners. As part of my role I support research that uses MRI at the Leeds BRC. This includes discussing research projects with the investigators to work out what role MRI can play, working with the radiographers and radiologists to develop new imaging techniques, and analysing images to obtain quantitative data, often through writing bespoke software.

My current research focuses predominantly on musculoskeletal imaging. Projects I am working on include:

  • Making quantitative measurements in the muscle to explore muscle change – these include  T1, T2, fat fraction, extra-cellular volume and diffusion measurements.
  • Developing high resolution 3D anatomical images of the knee joint and making quantitative measurements in the cartilage of the knee, to learn how to optimise knee therapies.
  • Using MRI to track spine movements as patients move their head
  • Using MRI to visualise the sciatic nerve in the leg
  • Optimising imaging sequences to measure synovitis in joints such as the wrist