Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement Strategy

Patients and the public have been at the heart of all activities across the NIHR at Leeds BRC & CRF since 2008, transforming how we plan, prioritise, conduct, and communicate our research – this is known as ‘Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement’ (PPIE).

With the expansion of both the BRC and the CRF, we are keen to grow our PPIE community. One of the ways we will do this is by working with local community and voluntary sector organisations to understand and establish opportunities which are inclusive and relevant to a variety of communities and individuals.

Building upon this we can improve the representation of those who participate in our research activities, which is why we have chosen to include ‘Participation’ in our PPIE remit. This synergy will directly contribute to the wider BRC and CRF vision of providing ‘Research for one and all’.

Read the Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement Strategy document below