2020 – 2021 BRC Research Seminar Series

This year the Leeds BRC research seminar series is being held virtually via Microsoft Teams. We are hosting a wide range of seminar topics that we hope will be of interest to you all. Everyone is welcome to attend.

If you are interested in attending a presentation please contact: c.burnett@leeds.ac.uk

Our confirmed sessions are:

Tuesday 22nd September 2020
Developing a good clinical research question Anne-Maree Keenan
Monday 12th October 2020
Industry partnerships: Why this is important and how to do it.  Hemant Pandit
Monday 2nd November 2020 13.00 Patient and public involvement:getting it right Amy Rebane and Gwyn Cracknell
Tuesday 17th November 2020
Preparing for your fellowship interviewJane Freeman, Rachael Kelley, Heidi Siddle, David Bird 
Monday 7th December 2020
Identifying your training needs and developing a strong training and personal development plan  Anne-Maree Keenan
Tuesday 26th January  2021
Application Clinic Anne-Maree, Tony Redmond, Ed Vital, John Gierula 
Tuesday 2nd February 2021 7pmWhat I wished I knew when putting an application together â€“ advice from those who have survived Previous applicants
Tuesday 9th February 2021
Completing your fellowship application Anne-Maree Keenan
February/March 2021 Costing a fellowship To confirm
March 2021  How to get published Sarah Mackie
March 2021 Dealing with rejection  Tony Redmond
April 2021   Mental well being and Being resilient in the competitive world of research   
April 2021 NIHR academy overview NIHR 
April/May 2021 Social media for academics To confirm
Wednesday 9th June 2021 13.00  Clinical Research Network;essential in supporting your research Alistair Hall   
Tuesday 22nd June 2021
Managing academic conflict without damaging your long term career prospects Anne-Maree Keenan 
July 2021  Being fellowship ready: Essential elements of a fellowship and how to engage RDS RDS member  
Monday 6th September 2020  7pm Managing your supervisors, identifying a supervisory team, dealing with conflict. Coaches, mentor and supervisors:  what is the difference? Anne-Maree Keenan
September 2021Research within an NHS department:  How to engage NHS management in supporting your research  Liz Mellor
October 2021Research and innovation at the core of the NHS To confirm
November 2021 Preparing for your fellowship interview TBC (mixture of previous candidates and 2021 successful candidates)
October or November 2021  Leadership skills in the world of research Miriam Wittmann
December 2021  Identifying your training needs and developing a strong training plan  Anne-Maree Keenan

We are in the process of finalising the 2021 programme and this page will be refreshed with the updated programme and event details.