Resources for Researchers

The PPIE team at Leeds BRC are here to support BRC researchers to plan and cost your PPIE activities. We have developed the following PPIE Guide for Researchers in partnership with PPI members and BRC researchers to help you get started:

The PPIE Team can support you to design, develop and cost your PPI activities. You will be asked to complete a request form for PPI activities, depending upon which type of activity you will be given a form to complete either:

This form is to be completed by researchers who are preparing any grant application which they would like reviewed by members of the PPIE Network.

This form is to be completed by researchers to indicate the commitment needed from PPIE Network members, and the nature of their involvement. This form must be completed for all PPI requests.

To ensure meaningful involvement, forms must be submitted to the PPIE Team at least three weeks prior to the involvement activity taking place.

Online resources for researchers

External resources

Involve – a national advisory group which supports public involvement in NHS, public and social care research. Involved have a wide range of resources to help you plan and cost your PPIE activities.

Jargon Buster We ask that where possible you avoid using jargon and acronyms – this jargon buster is a great resource to help think about how to phrase your public facing documents.

Health Research Authority – guidance on Patient Information Sheets. This guidance is a framework to help you think carefully about how best to inform potential participants.

Plain English Guide this is a useful guide to help you think about how to use plain English to communicate complex information.

For more information and support please contact Amy Rebane on