Cardiometabolic Disease

Led by Prof David Beech (WS3: calcium-permeable channels in health and disease) and Prof Eylem Levelt (WS1: biomedical imaging; cardiology; cardiovascular disease; MR imaging), this theme brings together  internationally recognised researchers as WS leads: Prof Mark Kearney (WS3); Prof Sven Plein (WS1); Prof Robert Ariens (WS2: haemostasis; thrombosis; blood coagulation; vascular biology; fibrinogen; factor XIII; clot structure).

Our key hypothesis is that the disease is heterogeneous and often structurally and molecularly different from other heart failure patients, thereby requiring distinct therapeutic approaches tailored to the underlying molecular mechanisms. Our research will address this hypothesis through a team strategically developed for purpose. We will identify the most at-risk patients, optimize the use of therapies to maximise benefits for these patients and accelerate progress to innovative new diagnostics and treatments. We will coordinate research across three work streams (WS), underpinned by the grand challenge to improve the outcomes of heart failure by addressing diabetes and its precursors:

WS1: Imaging

WS2: Antiplatelet and anticoagulant therapy

WS3: Translation of molecular understanding