How To Get Involved

There are many different reasons why patients and the public become involved:  

  • To make a difference to the lives of others. 
  • To give back to the future of healthcare as a result of receiving good care.  
  • To develop skills and learn more about research.  
  • Personal experience of or loved one’s experience of a condition.  
  • Through personal or professional recommendation.  
  • To work with inspiring teams and to connect with people with similar experiences. 

Our patient and public involvement/engagement activities include: 

  • We have a Core Group, consisting of 12 members who oversee our PPIE activity. The Chair and Vice-Chair report into our Board of Directors. 
  • We hold ‘Ask the Researcher’ events. These are presentations from our researchers about the research that they have been doing to patients and members of the public, as well as laboratory tours. Details of our forthcoming Ask the Researcher events can be found on our ‘events’ page.  
  • To inform our research and design, our researchers will hold focus groups with patients who have relevant lived experience.  
  • Every May, we celebrate ‘International Clinical Trials Day’, marking the day that the first clinical trial took place.  

If you would like to get involved then please contact Amy at (please note I am not currently contactable by phone)