BRC researcher wins funding award for Systemic Sclerosis project

An image of Dr Rebecca Ross.

We are very pleased our colleague Dr Rebecca Ross has been awarded a Research Ignition Award by the Kennedy Trust.

This is in recognition for her and her team’s work exploring the relationship between circulating epithelial cells (CECs) and autoimmunity in the pathogenesis of systemic fibrosis.

Dr. Ross and her team aim to explore the connection between immune response and fibrotic diseases spread throughout the body. The award grant £100k worth of funding across 1-2 years.

This includes learning more about the processes behind fibrotic diseases like Systemic Sclerosis (SSc), and discover how abnormal regulation of tissue repair processes and immune system dysfunction play a crucial role in the blood, skin, and lungs of SSc patients. 

Many congratulations!

Link to the story on the Kennedy Trust website below:
Research Ignition Awards – The Kennedy Trust for Rheumatology Research