Patient involvement in Future Learn course

Patient and Public Involvement Network members, Valerie Thurlow, Marie-Joelle Johnson and Barbara Hartley have all been featured in a FutureLearn course developed by the Institute of Medical and Biological Engineering, University of Leeds –

The course is titled, ‘MedTech: Orthopaedic Implants and Regenerative Medicine’, and sets out to explore regenerative medicine and learn how MedTech is revolutionising orthopaedics. Valerie, Marie-Joelle and Barbara share their lived experiences in the section of the course which explores treatment options. Their involvement is particularly important to develop learner understanding of patient perspectives when it comes to different types of joint replacement options, and decision-making processes.

The full course can be found on the FutureLearn website here –

FutureLearn accounts are free to set-up, and this course is available to start now.

If you would like to see the standalone video, it can be found here –