What to expect when you attend a research appointment at Chapel Allerton Hospital

We’ve answered some of the most commonly asked questions about returning to research appointments during COVID-19. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact the team to discuss your appointment on the Biomedical Research Centre (BRC) Reception telephone number 0113 3924474 or for other research appointments call the nurse team on 0113 3924478.

Leeds Biomedical Research Centre Entrance - free parking is available for research participants on the left
Leeds Biomedical Research Centre Entrance – free parking is available for research participants on the left

Where do I go when I arrive for my appointment?

If you have an appointment at the Biomedical Research Centre (BRC) we ask that you come directly to the BRC reception through the main external entrance. The BRC entrance is situated next to the car park on the left as you pass through the main gate. There are no steps and the department has a large automatic door. You can no longer access the BRC through the hospital itself. On arrival we ask that you put on a mask from the mask station and sanitise your hands. You will be asked if you have had any symptoms of Covid-19.

All other patients will be asked to enter via the main entrance to Chapel Allerton Hospital where you will be greeted by a member of staff and asked to use the hand sanitiser stations. You will be directed to your appointment and a member of staff will make a note of where you will be going in the hospital. Depending on what you are attending for, you will be directed to outpatients, ward C5 Or the BRC.

When should I not attend my appointment?

Patients will be contacted 24 hours prior to attending by a researcher and asked screening questions e.g. whether you have a fever, have a new and continuous cough and whether you have a change in taste etc. Anyone with potential COVID-19 symptoms will be instructed not attend. A questionnaire will also be given on arrival at BRC to double check/ monitor if any new symptoms have developed/ or any missed symptoms from phone call by study team. Anyone who has a member of their household self-isolating with symptoms or as a result of the Governments test, track and trace system should also not attend.    

Would I be expected to wear a face covering when I attend?

Everyone who enters any Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust site has to wear a face mask at all times – staff, patients, and visitors. During appointments you will be required to keep your face mask on. There is an exception- during MRI scans, you will not be required to wear a mask during the scan itself.  All staff however, will be wearing masks.  A fluid resistant mask is provided at reception and you will be asked to use the hand sanitiser and then wear a mask.

The reception area of Leeds Biomedical Research Centre
The reception area of Leeds Biomedical Research Centre

Do I need to wear gloves for hand hygiene purposes?

No we ask that you either sanitiser or wash your hands after touching surfaces or items. There are hand sanitiser stations around the hospital. Be sure to sanitise your hands on entering and leaving the department.

Will staff be wearing PPE?

All staff have received COVID-19 prevention training and will be wearing PPE appropriate to the guidelines required to keep you safe.

Are there any changes to parking at the hospital?

Car parking is free until the end of July at the moment on all sites. Our “no touch” free of charge parking spaces will be available only for our BRC research patients to use. They are right outside the door to the BRC.

Is the BRC a COVID-19 free space?

Borsha Sarker, Sonographer in PPE
Borsha Sarker, Sonographer in PPE

We do not treat known COVID-19 patients within the BRC and it is planned that Chapel Allerton Hospital will remain a site that does not treat Covid-19 patients.

Will I be able to use the lifts?

The BRC is currently only accessible to patients through our main entrance which is at ground floor level. However if you do need to use the lifts whilst at the hospital we ask that you only use these one person at a time (or one person with a carer) and use hand sanitiser when you leave the lift.

Am I allowed to attend my appointment if I have a health condition which makes me exempt from wearing a mask?

In most cases there are no health conditions that should stop you from wearing a face mask, they do not reduce the amount of air you can breath, if you use oxygen put the nasal canulae on first and then wear the mask over the top, If you use oxygen via a face mask contact the department to discuss your requirements

Will a family member or carer be able to accompany me?

Visitors attending with patients will not be allowed, unless essential and arranged in advance. We will have only one person (plus carer) in the waiting room for MRI and Ultrasound appointments at one time. Carers will be asked to wait in the car outside the building during the appointment where this is possible. Only the patient will normally be allowed to enter the scan room. You can discuss your access needs with our team when you have your initial screening phone call and we will be more than happy to discuss how we can make sure your appointment is accessible.  

The Ultrasound consultation room- all none essential items have been removed.
The Ultrasound consultation room- all none essential items have been removed.

Would I need a COVID-19 test?

We do not ask for patients to take a COVID-19 test before visiting for a research scan.

Can I bring a translator with me?

A translator is allowed to attend your appointment with you. If you require translation services please speak with your research team. 

Will I be kept at least 2m away from anyone apart from those actually treating me?

Where this is possible we will expect a 2m social distance between all staff and patients. However in some circumstances this will not be possible e.g. during an ultrasound scan and we will ensure that the correct PPE is worn.

What additional safety and cleaning measures have been put in place at the BRC to protect patients?

The BRC building has been divided into clinical and non-clinical to reduce footfall. Hand sanitiser and hand washing facilities are available at the BRC close to reception. All patients will be asked to wash their hands on arrival and before and after their scans. Only members of staff who cannot work from home are currently on site to reduce the number of people within the building. Two metre social distancing will be encourage and expected. There will be an intensive cleaning and hygiene regime throughout the building, but particularly the patient contact areas within the BRC. We have increased the time between appointments by 15 minutes to allow for a thorough clean down of all patient contact equipment/areas

Handsanitising and mask stations are situated throughout the hospital.
Handsanitising and mask stations are situated throughout the hospital.

Have you introduced time delays between appointments to ensure that the waiting area is not full?

We encourage patients to attend as close to their appointment time as possible. Appointment times have been lengthened and staggered to reduce the numbers of patients in the building and to allow for additional cleaning precautions. This is also to ensure we do not rush patients attending. The seating in the waiting room has been adjusted to create appropriate two metre spacing. Specific measures have been taken to reduce traffic in patient areas.

Will I be able to get refreshments at the BRC? Will the cafe be open?

The café is currently open – please allow additional time for your appointment if you are wanting to get refreshments, follow government guidelines about social distancing and use contactless payment where possible (although cash and card payment is available). If you do not wish to use the café we ask that you bring your own refreshments as we will unfortunately not be able to provide these.

Are toilets available?

Toilets are available and wipes will also be available to wipe down surfaces before and after you use the toilet. 

What do I need to do when I leave the BRC?

You will need to leave through the main entrance to the BRC which leads into the main Chapel Allerton hospital car park. Please use sanitising hand gel and dispose of your mask in the bin at the mask station by the door before you leave.  You can tell us about your experience by completing the following survey.