Ask the Researcher – NIHR BioResource Centre Leeds

Our next digital ‘Ask the Researcher’ event will spotlight the NIHR BioResource Centre in Leeds.

It will take place on Wednesday 2nd June, 10.30am-12pm on Zoom.

We will be joined by George Twigg, Clinical Trials Coordinator – NIHR BioResource Centre Leeds, and Professor Ann Morgan, Professor of Rheumatology – School of Medicine, University of Leeds who will be presenting about the NIHR BioResource Centre Leeds.

The NIHR BioResource Centre Leeds is a project to collect and store DNA, blood, and serum from individuals (with or without health conditions) to establish a sampling framework from which people can be selected, based upon their genotype and/or phenotype, to be invited to participate in research studies or clinical trials in the future. The donated samples and their associated data are also used for genetic/biomedical studies and for clinical trials.

The BioResource recruits to over 50 rare disease projects across various specialties, as well as sourcing samples from participants with diseases such as IBD and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). Blood samples can also be taken from healthy volunteers, which at Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust have mostly been drawn from Trust staff, and a project to collect blood samples from COVID-positive patients was quickly set up at the start of the pandemic.

If you are interested in attending or would like to know more, please contact Amy Rebane on