Chapel Allerton Rheumatology team shines at LTHT Research and Innovation Conference 2024

The Chapel Allerton Rheumatology Team achieved remarkable success at the LTHT Research and Innovation Conference 2024. The team had several posters and abstracts accepted, and both team members and projects received awards and were shortlisted for honours.

A picture of Dr Magnus Harrison on the left and Craig Armstrong on the right receiving his award

The COPPACA project, supported by the Leeds BRC’s Musculoskeletal Theme Work Stream 2 group, was shortlisted for an award. Craig Armstrong, the lead nurse of the COPPACA project, won the award for Best Inclusion & Diversity Initiatives (pictured above, right of picture). Additionally, the project manager for the COPPACA study, Sayyora Alieva, received the Team Member of the Year Award .

Congratulations to the Chapel Allerton Rheumatology Team for their outstanding achievements and contributions to research and innovation!