Who We Are

Leeds BRC is led by Professor Paul Emery, the most highly cited rheumatologist [...]

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Facilities and Infrastructure

Leeds BRC is based at Chapel Allerton Hospital where the majority [...]

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Research Themes

There are two translational research themes within the BRC, which [...]

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Information for Patients

Here you can find links to organisations and information to give [...]

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Ongoing Studies

Typically the BRC will be involved in approximately 50 actively [...]

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Emerging Research

Emerging research includes muscle pathologies, cardiovascular comorbidity, [...]

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About the PPI Group

The Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) group was established in [...]

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Resources for Researchers

Support and Development MSc in Health Research Applied Health Cooperative Leeds [...]

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Recent News

 October 17, 2017

Hemant is 1 in 16

Congratulations to Prof Hemant Pandit (LIRMM), Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery and Honorary Consultant LTHT who has been elected as a life-member of the Knee Society - a prestigious American Organisation. The society is highly respected in the orthopaedic [...]

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 August 8, 2017

Inflammation, joint pain and arthritis: everything you need to know (The Daily Telegraph)


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Recommended Publications

 September, 01 2017

Effect of an edge at cup rim on contact stress during micro-separation...

© 2017 The Authors Alumina ceramic total hip joint bearings have shown superior wear properties. The joint bearing may undergo adverse conditions such as micro-separation causing head contact on the cup rim. As a transition, an edge is formed between [...]

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 August, 09 2017

The effects of geometric uncertainties on computational modelling...

© 2017 The Authors. The geometry of the articular components of the knee is an important factor in predicting joint mechanics in computational models. There are a number of uncertainties in the definition of the geometry of cartilage and meniscus, and [...]

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